Q: Do I really have to use tanning lotion??

A: ABSOLUTELY! Many of us are not educated on how extremely important it is to use lotion while in the tanning bed. Not only will it make your tan radiant, it will improve your skin overall. According to American Academy of Dermatology, using a tanning lotion is a MUST when it comes to indoor tanning. Indoor tanning lotions carry lots of nutrients that are vital for the skin. These lotions contain hydrating particles that keep your skin tight, wrinkle free and prevent dryness and itchiness. Tanning lotion gives you a gorgeous flawless tan.

Remember not all lotions are created equal, so it is better to fall in love with your lotion rather then its price. Here at Soleil we carry top quality indoor tanning lotions that are manufactured through New Sunshine LLC. When it comes to picking out your perfect lotion our Tanning Professionals are here to help! 

Bottom line is, lotion will not only help you see results 60% faster, but it will help the overall health of your skin. It places essential nutrients back into your skin. So make sure to smell, feel and love the lotion you are tanning with! 

-The Soleil Team

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